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5 tips for a successful job interview

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Job interview

Before attending a job interview it is worth considering some major points that can determine the outcome of your application process

1. The “tell-me-about-yourself-question” is not just for a warm-up

Although it seems to be a negligible question serving only for the purpose of getting warmed-up at the start of the job interview: it is not! It is crucial for assessing your confidence, presentation skills, self-assessment and focus-oriented approach. Most applicants answer this question by basically listing their work experience and their education – which is the worst they can do! The point here is to give a sales pitch and sell yourself in 2 minutes. Which cannot be done by repeating your CV…

2. Pay attention to your body language

Your gestures and body posture can be extremely telling even if you have full control of your speech. Poor body language, such as fidgeting with your hair, playing with a pan or arranging your glasses can project your lack of confidence and the fact that you cannot control your nerves. Try to learn neutral gestures, keep your hands resting on your lap, use them only when you really want to emphasize your point. Replace bad habits with positive body language like nodding, eye contact or solid posture.

3. Always answer the question

It is a very typical mistake when candidates get a direct question but their answer has nothing to do with the original train of thought. For example, you are asked about your tasks and duties on your lost job and you start talking about how you got promoted to that particular position because you think it is relevant. It is not.

Do not start from afar, hoping that after 10 minutes of describing your childhood enthusiasm for this profession will eventually lead you to finally answer the original question whether you enjoyed your previous job or not. Always be on the point and show that you are a logical person who is always on the point.

4. Show enthusiasm

If you can’t project enthusiasm at the interview it will be very hard to convince your prospective employer that you would be a motivated and committed employee. If they cannot see that you are and eager and enthusiastic candidate it would be even harder for them to believe that you would do your job as a contributing part of their team. Always find those elements in the job description that you are sincerely interested in and ask relevant questions to show your interest and desire to be involved.

5. Believe that you are THE best candidate for the job

Believing the you are the best applicant for the advertised position is the key during a job interview. If you cannot believe that you would be an asset to the company than it is hardly probable that they will see you as one. Know your worth and own it! List your strength and professional skills beforehand and write it down on a piece of paper. If you have issues with self-esteem find a good couch who can help you first with that. As soon as you yourself understand and can fully embrace your own values, it will be way easier to convince others about them.

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