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PRICES for 1-ON-1

At the moment I have only limited capacity to take on new students!

Available Classes

Conversation Class
Cambridge C1
Cambridge C2
Legal English
Business English
Financial English

1-on-1 classes

You can buy packages of 5 or 10 sessions.

1 session:

Conversation Classes:
60 minutes = 13
.000 HUF
or 39

C1/ C2 or Legal English:

90 minutes = 16.000 HUF
or 49



It is possible to book sessions  M-F 9.00-20.00
Weekends: 9.00-14.30

Prices are valid between 9 AM and 3 PM from Monday to Friday.

After 3 PM on weekdays and on weekends all day additional  fees apply 
+5000 - 10000 HUF
or +25
-40 EUR / 60 minutes


You can cancel 1 session out of 5, at least 24 hours before the next session. 

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