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TOLES Advanced Prep


for international students

Legal English course

This live online exam preparation training course is the 2nd and final stage of our TOLES Advanced preparation series.

 The training is designed to give lawyers and legal professionals all possible assistance not only to succeed at the TOLES exam but to pass it effortlessly.

cambridge c1 course

First, you need to do the first stage of your preparation and complete the Legal Booster 10-week course. During the Legal Booster course you will acquire the basic legal English vocabulary needed for the exam.

FIRST STAGE - Legal Booster

After finishing the Legal Booster course you can sign up for the 10-week TOLES Advanced Exam Preparation Training


Starting on:

March 13, 2023 WEDNESDAY

How to take part in the TOLES courses?

TOLES Advanced Prep


30 hours of live online training

10 occasions - 10 weeks - 3x45 minutes/week

 30 lessons of live online classes​

+ 10 E-books

+ 9 Workbooks

+7 Writing assignment correction

Maximum of 5-7 students per class

Fee: 149.000,- HUF

Location: Online - Zoom Platform

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