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Academic Writing Course

for non-native English speakers

Thesis & Dissertation Writing

- from scratch -

thesis writing
About the tutor:

I am Beatrix Corvin, teacher and tutor of English at Mod'Art International Budapest. I have been offering Academic Writing courses to my undergraduate students who are writing their thesis in English at the faculty of Fashion Management.


When do you need these modules?

If you are writing or preparing to write your thesis or dissertation in English in the upcoming semester 

When to take each module?

MODULE 1 - Opt for this course in the pre-writing stage of your thesis or dissertation, preferably in the semester prior to your thesis-writing. Now you already have a vague idea about your thesis topic, but you still have plenty of time to research and brush up your academic language before actually starting  to write your thesis.


MODULE 2 - After finishing module one and after you have decided on your thesis topic.


MODULE 3 - Now you know your exact topic, and you have done considerable research. Now, you are just getting down to writing your thesis!


What will you learn during these courses?

  • You wil learn which thesis topic to choose and elaborate on - which meets all the criteria of thesis writing. 

  • You will acquire a broad range of academic vocabulary and you will get an in-depth knowledge of academic writing style and organisation forms.

  • You will learn how to find and phrase your reasearch question

  • You will learn how introduce your ideas, how to find your thesis sentence and topic sentences

  • You will learn how to link, signpost and emphasize your ideas and when and how to transition from one to another.

  • You will learn how to draw the best possible conclusion and what vocabulary you should use to stress you view.

  • You will learn how to cite and use your sources to avoid plagarism

a good thesis

What do I need to know about you and why?

Before we start I have to be informed about your field of studies, professional interests and possible thesis topic areas and fields - so that I could do my own research on the issue and guide you best on your thesis writing journey. 

Each lesson includes:

  1. 90-minute personalized online or in-person class  - on the class topic of the module - AND customized to your thesis/dissertation topic with:

  • Personal discussion, brainstorming, 

  • Case study, research

  • Giving feedback, error correction,

  • PPT presentation, flashcards,

  • PDF documents for activities, DOC for online work

   2. 2-page vocabulary activity discussed and corrected

   3. 4-page academic vocabulary and phrases for further use

+ for each Module:

   Writing assignment with correction sent back to student within a week:

200-250 words essay/lesson in module 1, 

3x 500 - 2000 words essay in module 2,

2x 4000 - 6000 words essay/thesis part in module 3

thesis writing corse online

​You can choose from 3 modules:


6 occasions  –  12 lessons + E-book + Correction

Academic English Vocabulary – THE BASICS

Price: One module = 140.000 HUF


6 occasions  -  12 lessons + E-book + Correction

Academic English Vocabulary – THE BOOST

Price: One module = 140.000 HUF


6 occasions  -  12 lessons + E-book + Correction

Creative Academic Writing - THE STRUCTURE

Price: One module = 140.000 HUF

Academic English Vocabulary


1. Introduction to Academic Writing

Establishing the importance of the thesis topic

Case Study: Finding Resources – Explore and recognize possibilities

Top-down or Bottom-up Techniques


2. Research and Study Aims

Stating the purpose of research - Research Study Aims

Indicating the focus, aim, argument of the paper

Key nouns, verbs and verb combinations

Case Study: Refining Thesis Topics


3. Table of contents - Organizing ideas 1

Talking about ideas and organizing them

Signposting, Signalling transitions

Case Study: Table of contents


4. Organizing Ideas 2

Connecting ideas – Making a connection

Classifying and Listing

What kind of writer are you? – Mindmap


5. Introduction

Introductory phrases, introduction to paragraphing

Indicating significance - Evaluation, emphasis

Case Study: Checking thesis intros – HW: Writing Introductions


6. The Problem

Highlighting a problem, Presenting an Argument

Case Study: Writing the Research Question

Defining terms

thesis fun

Academic English Vocabulary –



1. Comparing, contrasting 

Differences and Similarities

Case Study


2. Being critical - Being cautious 

Describing a problem

Degrees of Certainty

Case Study: Working with Ideas


3. Explaining causality

Cause and Effect

Case Study


4. Reporting results


Case Study


5. Describing methods  and Discussing findings

Describing research methods

Research and Study – Source Material


6. Conclusion

Drawing and presenting the conlusion of your research paper

Academic English – Creative Writing  MODULE 3 – THE STRUCTURE

1 – Structuring a thesis I.

  • Research Question/Statement

  • Introduction

2 – Structuring a thesis II.

  • Thesis Statement

  • Main Body + Conclusion

3 –  Paragraphing I.

  • Types of Paragraphs

  • Topic Sentence

4 – Paragraphing II.

  • Linking & Signposting

5 –  Academic Writing –   

1. Styling

2. RefWorks and Resources

6  - Thesis Defence Guidelines & Practice

Payment Details:

Payment can be sent via bank transfer, credit card or to PayPal account.

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