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Cambridge C1 Advanced


perfect for international students

Exam Preparation course

This live online Cambridge C1 exam prep course is designed to give you all possible assistance to help you not only to pass your exam effortlessly but to excel at it.

Cambridge C1 Advanced


Do you need help to prepare for your

Cambridge C1 exam?

In line with our popular classrom course, now we are launching our Cambridge C1 Exam Online Course designed specifically for international students.

This 12-week course combines live lessons via our virtual classroom with extensive online practices,


online speaking clubs,


mock exams &

personalised writing feedback to each student on a daily basis.


Cambridge C1 Advanced


53 hours of live online training


12 weeks / 48 live online lessons

(12 x 4x45 minutes of live online sessions)

+ 2 Webinars

+ 3 Speaking Clubs

+ 12 E-books

+ 6 Writing Booklets

+ 12 (!) personalized writing corrections

Maximum of 5-7 students per class

Enrollment is based on Placement Tests

Location: Online - Zoom Platform

For attendance you need

a strong intermediate level of English (B2)


Adult course

Minimum age for attendance: 16+ years.

Cambridge C1 Advanced

you should join us if:

  • You are looking for a high-quality, comprehensive exam

  • You need to prove a good command of English in your job

  • You would like to study or work abroad

  • You need C1 language exam to graduate

  • You would like to apply for scholarship abroad

  • You want to communicate fluently in English

  • You would like to prepare for a prestigious exam

  • You want to have fun all the way through!

If you resonate with any of the above, do not hesitate to register!

You can prepare for one of the best international language exams within 12 weeks. Cambridge C1 is welcome by most universities and multinational companies around the globe!