Legal Booster Plus


for international students

Legal English course

These live online vocabulary building courses are designed to give lawyers and legal professionals all possible assistance to thrive in the international legal landscape.  The online courses will provide a practical and up-to-date legal English language skills training to legal professionals.

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Legal Booster Plus


Do you need assistance with boosting your legal English vocabulary?

In line with our popular classrom courses, now we are launching our online legal courses designed specifically for international legal professionals & law students.

The courses combine live lessons via our virtual classroom with extensive

online activities,


online speaking clubs,



personalised writing feedback to each student on a weekly basis.

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Legal Booster Plus


32 hours of live online training

 30 lessons of live online classes

+ 2 Speaking Clubs

+ 10 E-books

+ 9 Workbooks

+7 Writing assignment correction

Maximum of 5-6 students per class

Location: Online - Zoom Platform


For attendance you need

a strong intermediate level of English (B2)

If you are unsure about your level of English, please get in touch with us below & we will schedule a Zoom placement test with you within 2 working days.


I offer you the power of teamwork, positive peer-pressure & encouragement to go along the path of legalese.

The path YOU have chosen!

Lessons are live, you can and are advised to participate in each lesson: communicate, argue, elaborate on topics and reflect on ideas - all from the comfort of your armchair.

You  are not left to your own devices and means for exam preparation. We will be there all along the way!

We will check your progress and keep you accountable for your language development - if you require. :-)

We have maximised the number of students: no more than 6 people can attend a class, so you can be sure to have your voice heard.

Your writing assignments will be corrected daily & you can use the feedback to improve your skills step by step.

There are real people on the other side and fun all the way! 

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