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Cambridge C2 Proficiency


perfect for international students

Exam Preparation course

This live online Cambridge C2 exam prep course is designed to give you all possible assistance to help you not only to pass your exam effortlessly but to excel at it.

The course includes 3 separate modules. You can enrol for each module in any order.

Cambridge C2 Proficiency


Starting soon!

Do you need help to prepare for your

Cambridge C2 exam?

In line with our popular classrom course, now we are launching our Cambridge C2 Exam Online Course designed specifically for international students.

This 12-week course combines live lessons via our virtual classroom with extensive online practices,


online speaking clubs,


mock exams &

personalised writing feedback to each student on a daily basis.

Cambridge C2 Proficiency


The 3 modules altogether comprise:

72 + 5 hours of live online training


3 x 24 live online lessons

(18 x 4x45 minutes of live online sessions)

+ 2 Webinars​

+ 3 Speaking Clubs

+ 18 E-books

+ 4 Writing Booklets

+ 15 (!) personalized writing corrections

(out of which 6 are also writing assessments)

Maximum of 5-7 students per class

Enrolment is based on Placement Tests

Location: Online - Zoom Platform


For attendance you need

a strong advanced level of English (C1)


Adult course

Minimum age for attendance: 16+ years.

Reading To Your Dog

I offer you the power of teamwork, positive peer-pressure & encouragement to go along the path of exam preparation. The path YOU have chosen!

Lessons are live, you can and are advised to participate in each lesson: communicate, argue, elaborate on topics and reflect on ideas - all from the comfort of your armchair.

You  are not left to your own devices and means for exam preparation. We will be there all along the way!

We will check your progress and keep you accountable for your language development - if you require. :-)

We have maximised the number of students: no more than 6 people can attend a class, so you can be sure to have your voice heard.

Your writing assignments will be corrected daily & you can use the feedback to improve your skills step by step.

There are real people on the other side and fun all the way! 

Why is it worth preparing in micro-groups? 


Cambridge C2 Proficiency
exam preparation course
MODULE 'Rising Star'
3x6 - week course
Live on Wednesdays 5.00-8.00 PM CEST
Starting: June 12, 2024
Enrolment closes on June 7
18 weeks  - 72 + 5 lessons - 4x45 minutes/week

Course Fee: 289 EUR / Module



  • 18 weeks of live online group lessons with your teacher in a virtual classroom - once a week

  • Multinational group classes with 5-7 students

  • Free membership to online E-learning materials up to 30 days after the course

  • Free access to all our online Webinars during the course

  • Free access to all our online Speaking Clubs during the course

  • Wide range of motivating materials, digital resources and course books via our online platform

  • Extra self-study E-books & materials

  • Vocabulary building downloadable files with key

  • Detailed feedback on your writing assignments

  • Regular support and feedback from your teacher on your speaking & grammar skills

  • C2 Mock-exams with personalised feedback

  • End of course assessment

  • Certificate of attendance



I am Beatrix and I have been working as a Cambridge Exam tutor for almost 20 years.

 I have been working for several Cambridge Exam centres and have been preparing hundreds of students for both general and professional Cambridge exams over this period.

 I have been organising my own Cambridge Prep Courses - both in my language studio and online - ever since the pandemic hit in.


I have also been a tutor at Mod'Art International Budapest preparing my students for academic & thesis writing. 

My main approach in exam training is an unapologetic exam-centered preparation.

I believe that students at this level can and should self-train in terms of vocabulary building and grammar structures. Therefore, although we deal with both vocabulary boost and grammar points during each class, I strongly believe that practicing and mastering these areas are the responsibility of each student individually. 

What we focus on during the training is how to implement and use these structures in exam tasks - let it be writing, reading, listening, use of English or speaking.

I teach my students the exam techniques for each exam task and guide them how to approach their own learning process. I assist them on what range of vocabulary they need for passing the exam with flying colours, how to distinguish and use communication styles with confidence and how to produce a coherent text both in writing and in speaking.

While I give plenty of extra materials, example sentences and E-books both for writing (essay, report, proposal, letters or review) and speaking activities, I do expect my students to use these materials creatively, think independently and always within the given context.

To do so, I expect a high level of self-motivation & initiative from the part of my students to find their own responsibility on the path of language learning.

I consider myself extremely lucky that most of my students joining my classes are undeniably striving for these aspects already, by themselves, so the exam pass-rate among my students have been almost 100%.

If this resonates with you, I hope to see you online soon! 

Beatrix Corvin

Cambridge C2 Proficiency


The Modules:

Rising Star - 6 weeks

Go-Getter - 6 weeks

High-Flyer - 6 weeks

Dry Roses and Diary

Cambridge C2 Proficiency


for maximum efficiency

My Lessons:

Each lesson involves & focuses on:

  • Topic-related vocabulary building

  • Exam techniques, tips & tricks for each task to pass your exam effortlessly

  • Guidance and practice in all 5 papers of the Proficiency C2 exam

  • Speaking practice (at least 60 minutes per day)

  • Listening tasks with exam techniqes and script based vocab boost

  • Writing assignments (exam tasks) - 15 altogether - with correction and personalised feedback for each student individually

  • Deadline of 5 days to hand in your writing assignment each week

  • Up to 3 hours of homework for each lesson - at least

Cambridge C2 Proficiency

you should join us if:

  • You are looking for a high-quality, comprehensive exam

  • You need to prove a perfect command of English in your job

  • You would like to study or work abroad

  • You need C2 language exam to graduate

  • You would like to apply for scholarship abroad

  • You want to communicate fluently and effortlessly in English

  • You would like to prepare for a prestigious exam

  • You want to have fun all the way through!

If you resonate with any of the above, do not hesitate to register!

You can prepare for one of the best international language exams within 18 weeks. Cambridge C2 Proficiency is the most prestigious exam accepted by all universities and multinational companies around the globe!


The course will be held on Zoom.

What you should know technology-wise:

  • download Zoom on your laptop or PC

  • mobile phone is NOT suitable for participating in the lessons

  • have a stable, broadband internet connection

  • have a mike and a camera - and check them beforehand

  • after registration you will get a link to access the online sessions



  • At registration: by card, PayPAL or bank transfer

  • Please note that payments are not refundable

  • Prices include ALL online classes, E-books, webinars, placement test & mock tests, writing correction & certificate of attendance

  • Course starting date may change subject to student numbers

  • Prices do NOT include the Cambidge C2 Exam Fee

A strong C1 (advanced) level of English is a must for attending the course.

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