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Business Vocabulary Booster
Business English course

perfect for Cambridge BEC Vantage/Higher preparation

Business English Booster


vocabulary building

Improve your business English to upgrade your career opportunities!

 Learn about business topics to help you work more effectively and pass the most prestigious business exam accepted worldwide!​

6.00 - 8.15 PM, on THURSDAYS

First lesson: February 2, 2023.

Registration deadline: January 17

10 weeks  - 30+2 lessons - 3x45 minutes/occasion
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​​When should you complete this course?

  • You need to speak, communicate in English in your workplace

  • You would like to pass a business exam

  • You understand almost everything in English but you are afraid to answer

  • You avoid speaking English in business meeting because you have low self-esteem

  • You speak English quite well, but you have never studied business English

If your answer is 'YES' to any of the above your, this course is for you!

In just 10 weeks you learn the most basic business English expressions to be able to communicate, give presentations or write emails/reports effectively and with much

more confidence!

Boost your English for the workplace on the international field and make the most of career opportunities.

You need an intermediate (B2) level of English
for attending
the course.

These live online vocabulary building courses are designed to give students and business professionals all possible assistance to thrive in the international business landscape. The online courses will provide a practical and up-to-date business English language skills to anyone wishing to enhance their English for the workplace!

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Business Booster


32 hours of live online training

 30 lessons of live online classes

+ 2 Speaking Clubs

+ 10 E-books

+ 9 Workbooks

+5 Writing assignment corrections

Maximum of 5-6 students per class

Location: Online - Zoom Platform

For attendance you need an

 intermediate level of English (B2)

If you are unsure about your level of English, please get in touch with us below & we will schedule a placement test.



1. General work-related vocabulary

2. Setting up a company 

3. Business​ operations

4. Multinational companies

5. Finances, banking

6. Marketing

7. Conferences, Business Travel

8. Meetings, negotiations

9. Presentation tecnhiques

10. CSR

Business Booster


for maximum efficiency

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My Lessons:

Each lesson involves & focuses on:​

  • Topic-related vocabulary building

  • Context base, practical and systematic approach for up-to-date business English

  • Guidance and practice in speaking & writing skills

  • Regular role-plays to practice the given business area

  • Speaking practice (at least 45 minutes per occasion)

  • Listening tasks with script based vocab boost

  • Writing assignments (for deadline) - with correction and personalised feedback for each student individually

  • Up to 2 hours of homework for each occasion

  • Vocabulary list for each class


The course will be held on Zoom.

What you should know technology-wise:

  • download Zoom on your laptop or PC

  • mobile phone is NOT suitable for participating in the lessons

  • have a stable, broadband internet connection

  • have a mike and a camera - and check them beforehand

  • after registration you will get a link to access the online session

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