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This live online Cambridge C1 exam prep course is designed to give you all possible assistance to help  you not only to pass your exam effortlessly but to excel at it.


In line with our popular classrom course, now we are launching our Cambridge C1 Exam Online Course designed specifically for international students.

Duration: 12 weeks - 1x a week - 4x45 minutes/occasion - 5PM-8.PM CET

For exact dates & schedule and registration please check this page or magyarul itt. before purchasing the course here.


This 12-week course combines daily live lessons in micro-groups via our virtual classroom with

  • extensive online practices, 
  • free access to all Webinars,
  • free attendance in online speaking clubs,
  • E-books,
  • mock exams &
  • personalised writing feedback to each student weekly


The course includes: 53 hours of live online trainings


48 hours of live online lessons

​(12 x 4x45 minutes of live online sessions)

+ 2 Webinars​

+ 3 Speaking Clubs

+ 12 E-books

+ 6 Writing Booklets

+ 12 personalized writing corrections & feedback


IMPORTANT! You must be at a confident B2 level to successfully complete the course! Enrol only if you are a strong B2.


After purchasing the course we will send you a Placement Test to make sure that you will be paired up with other students on the same level. If you fail to send back the completed test within 10 days, we will not accept complaints concerning any possible mismatch between your and your future classmates' English level.


As soos as you purchased the course we will send you all related information to the course: Zoom session, links, access to online materials, free membership to webinars & speaking clubs. 


Before purchasing the course please read the FONTOS INFORMÁCIÓKAT. If you are an English speaker, please contact us.


Please note that the course fee is not refundable!

  • If you need more information before purchasing,
  • If you would like to pay the course fee via bank transfer or
  • If your company needs a Training Contract before registering for the course - please contact us here.

Cambridge C1 - 12-week course

  • General Terms and Conditions

    Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with the General Terms and Conditions before making your purchase.

  • Terms and Conditions for C1 Advanced

    Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with the Course Terms & Conditions pertaining to THIS C1 COURSE before making your purchase.

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