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Cambridge C1/C2 Speaking Practice
Cambridge C1/C2 Speaking Practice

Thu, 22 Sept



Cambridge C1/C2 Speaking Practice

Join us to practice for the Speaking Paper!

A regisztráció le van zárva
Egyéb rendezvények

Time & Location

22 Sept 2022, 17:00 – 17:50


The event

Price: 3.500 HUF/ 9 EUR

           Workshop is free for you if you have been my student in the last 24 months. Contact me!

This live online Cambridge C1/C2 Speaking Crash exam prep course is designed to give you all possible assistance to help you not only to pass your Speaking Paper effortlessly but to excel at it.

This workshop comprises:

50 minutes of live online workshop on Zoom to show you tips & tricks for a successful speaking test IN CASE ANYTHING GOES WRONG!

Well, what can go wrong?

  • Anything. :-)
  • You don't understand the question.
  • You understand but have no idea what to answer.
  • You have but can't say it.
  • The pictures are too abstract.
  • Your partner has no idea what to do.
  • Your partner does not speak.
  • Your partner speaks too much.
  • Your partner is a jerk. (sorry for my French)

We will focus on

  • Task 2 and Task 3 speaking techniques 
  • mock exam tasks for the participants
  • you can see the two main tasks of the speaking paper performed by my students in practice
  • you yourself can give it a go and try the tasks
  • you will be given a feedback on your performance
  • As soos as you purchased the course we will send you all related links to the course.

For more info on Cambridge C1 Courses check this LINK. 


  • Cambridge Speaking Practice

    Online Zoom webinar session

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