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October - English speaking events in Budapest

English speaking events in Budapest

You would like to go out and get entertained? Want to practise your English? Why don’t you combine the two!

- October edition -


Top 8 English speaking gatherings in Budapest (mostly) this month!

Here comes my monthly compilation in search for English speaking events in Budapest! Feel free to add any relevant English-speaking event to the list in the comment section.

1. Hike and Cave? (14 October)

Have you ever been to the Pálvölgyi Caves in the Buda Hills? Not yet? Then you can join a bunch of English speakers here:

The organisers ask you to “bring HOT COAT as the temperature in the cave is really low (about 10 degrees), WATER and PROPER SHOES for the hike and any VEGETABLES or SAUSAGE/BACON if you prefer to roast it on wooden stick.” So it seems you can definitely expect a barbecue!

2. Dance and Español? (20 October) 💃

Te gustaria probar la bachata? Check this out! Multilinqual bachata weekend! Both in English and in Spanish!

3. Drink and DJ? (19 October) Friday chill-out at Rutin bar with Language exchage:

4. Watch and ponder? (3 November) 🌍🌐 Have you ever thought about living in a paralell universe? They surely have! Theatre performance in English! On Váci street.

“What if we are part of multiverse? What if at any given moment, several outcomes co-exist simultaneously? What is every decision we've ever and never made already exists in vast ensemble of parallel universes?”

5. Stand-up comedy and women? (16 October) 👩‍🎤

6. Stand-up comedy and men? (10 October)

7. Design hét and Hunglish? (11 October) 🎨 Ha magyarul and also in English szeretnél attend exhibitions ne miss out on ezt!

19.00 Improv Workshop Andrew Heflerrel (English-speaking) | jegyár: 7.000 Ft | kapacitás: 16 fő 19:00 Creative Writing workshop Matthew Daintrey-Hall-lal (English-speaking) | jegyár: 1.500 Ft | kapacitás: 20 fő

8. Story and party? (2 November) 📜 We showed this one last time, but it is still coming up! Story party about dating…. “The Story Party world tour, an award winning "Online Dating Alternative”, plays to sold out audiences in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Warsaw, Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul and more. We are in town for a short time only so grab your tickets now. You’ve been on enough awkward dates to master the art of fake laughing. Now come to our show and laugh for real!”

Soooooo, what is your tip for us?

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