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English speaking programs in Budapest? But where?

Where to find English speaking programs in Budapest? One of my students asked me last week to recommend him some good English speaking pubs and programs where he can practise his English with foreigners. So here comes my compilation with some brand-new programs on offer in Budapest. Check them out quickly some of them are coming up soon!


10 Tips to speak English with foreigners in Budapest!


If you prefer to practise English face-to-face, visiting an English-speaking club could be a great choice for you. In Budapest there are more and more possibilities to find clubs where foreigners meet for specific purposes, let it be a film club, yoga class or just for a drink at a bar.

1. I would definitely start the list with International Meeting Point Budapest - With their 13k+ followers they might be one of the greatest communities in Budapest who organise programs for foreigners in Hungary and offer a multitude of events for anyone. You can even join their FB group if you seek one-to-one programs:

2. Élesztő Bár 🍻 🍺 serves as a meeting point for several English Clubs. Normally they meet every second Tuesday (the next is on 2 October) organised by Budapest Language Exchange…/

3. House Bar&Kitchen 🍹🍸 Every Thursday at 7:00 P.M. you can improve your language while connecting with new and interesting people. They offer games and you can regularly swich tables to get to know more and more new people.

4. Szimpla Kávézó 🍷 You are all familiar with Szimpla Kert, which is always full of tourist and foreigners – so you might even avoid the place due to its crowdedness... but.... but did you know that they regularly organise English Comedy Nights? 👨‍🎤 BTW, if you are into comdey, you might as well go back to House Bar for a good evening of laughter, because they also give space to foreign comedians. Check this out, it’s coming up this Sunday:

5. How about a Story Party??

You don’t know what that means, right?? 😂 Don’t worry, me neither! 😎 But if you are free on 2 November check this out. And give us some feedback. „Story Party is the live storytelling show about the one topic we all struggle with — DATING. Enjoy a hilarious one hour show that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer, in real life. ☺” Story Party features professional storytellers sharing true dating stories about the time they got played, made, or just tangled up in that love stuff.

6. Tudatos Fialatok Közössége (TFK) Language Exchange They offer parties, cooking workshops and alike. Check out their FB page or join their group. You might become more tudatos as well.😉

7. Have you heard about Internations? This is one of the biggest expat networks in the world, with communities in every major city - including Budapest. There are always a plethora of programs on offer at Internations, however, these are not the cheapest ones.

8. Are you after some more serious staff? Why don’t you check this out? at Közösségformáló Műhely 1 October: Urban living and mental health: What impact city life has on our brain 8 October: F*ck positive thinking and learn about the Stoic way of happiness 15 October: Maximize your assertiveness: Voice your needs and wants confidently 29 October: Alain de Botton: How romanticism killed love

9. If you can’t find anything interesting online, just go clubbing with your friends in downtown Budapest! I can guarantee you will run into foreigners anywhere. 🍹 🍷 🍺 Just don’t be shy to strike up a conversation! 😉

10. Give us your tip!! Where to go clubbing in Budapest if you want to meet and talk with foreigners?

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