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All for my current and former students at level B2-C1.
 Event is by invitation only!

Location: Bp, I. Mátray utca

Contribution: 1000 HUF 

and bring a bottle of something. :-)

Next meeting: 18.00-21.00

16 December, 2019 

Registration is mandatory!

Registration deadline: 

12 January, 2019

Number of places is limited! 

Alumni Club


Informal meetup for


with advanced level English




  • wine

  • CAE activities in an unusual way: sentence transformation, word formation

  • fun games 

  • lots of chatter

  • and wine :-)

Feel free to bring your
favourite bottle of wine! 

NEXT MEETING: 16 dec, 2019

Program for the next Alumni Club Meeting 

  16 December, 2019


18.00 Word and sentence transformation with a hint of wine....

  • You love word formation, do you?? :-)

  • Sentence transformation is your secret craze??

  • You get a blast out of CAE activities?

  • Cambridge C1 Advanced is all you need?

Then come and practice with us! :-) Fun games and lots of wine!

19.30 - Informal conversation  

Maybe visiting a nearby .... pub :-) Or not.

Tombola is jár ám a belépőért!!

Dear  Students and

former Students of mine,

I am happy to announce the next date for 

the Alumni Club!

An informal gathering of likeminded professionals where you can practise English and improve your communication skills.

Some of you have long been complaining about the lack of opportunity to speak English.

This particular Alumni Club is for you:

  • if you have already passed your B2 exam AND PREPARING FOR YOUR CAE!


  • you do not have the chance to practise spoken English

  • you keep writing contracts/documents or letters in English but you have no chance to speak

  • the only opportunity for you to speak would be at Kazinczy street with non-native inebriated foreigners on Saturday nights.....

So here we go to meet your needs!

All the attendees will be fun, intelligent and good-looking individuals, hence all of you are my former or current students, and – of course - eager to speak English! :-) 

What can you prepare for?

Well.... first of all we will drink.

To let loose a little bit, to wind down and let off steam...



1. we will do some word formation activity. This time a bit differently

THEN we drink a bit more

2. you will do the speaking part of the exam - but not the usual way....

AND we drink again

3. we will do the best part: word formation - with a little twist


4. plenty of time to drink and communicate with fellow professionals or former classmates in English!

Feel free to invite and bring your friend(s) but make sure they can understand  and communicate in English fairly well since this is going to be an ONLY ENGLISH evening!

UTTERING EVEN ONE HUNGARIAN WORD will result in serious consequences: 200 Ft into the Piggy Bank! (aka. malacpersely)  which will contribute to next Alumni Club’s wine stock....  :-)

(I will be prepared with a whole lot of 200 coins for change if you do not have any.... or..... you will have to speak ONLY English during the evening) :-)

Az eseményen fénykép, film és hangfelvétel készülhet a jelenlévőkről - az eseményre való belépéssel hozzájárulsz az esetlegesen rólad készül felvételek felhasználásához.

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